Viktor Khrenin underlined the importance of further enhancement and development of partnership relations between Belarus and China as a whole. He also noted there are good prospects in the sphere of Belarus-China military cooperation.

The main topic of the presentations was the situation with coronavirus, as well as joint activities to respond to the challenges of the pandemic.

The diplomatic mission explained that China had published the first edition of guidelines on COVID-19 vaccination. “The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks. Vaccines should be used fairly and the world should share vaccines. If the world doesn't share vaccines, the virus will divide the world,” the embassy noted.

The event was held at the Great Hall of the People and was attended by 30 heads of diplomatic missions. In his speech Xi Jinping asked to convey his best wishes to the leaders of the states and international organizations which representatives were present at the ceremony.

Belarusian companies not only sell their products to China, but also buy Chinese goods via BUCE. The most popular exports to China are sawn timber, rapeseed oil, and milk powder. There are plans to launch sales of Belarusian sugar to China on BUCE. In turn, Belarusian companies import metal products from China. 

“The Belarusian president and his Chinese counterpart held very important talks in January. They discussed the supply of food products and potassium chloride to China, inter-regional contacts, the fight against COVID-19. Of course, we are grateful to Chinese people for sending us 100,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine free of charge in February this year,” the speaker noted.

The expo is usually held in the first summer month. This year's edition has been scheduled for 1-5 June. This is the largest agricultural expo in the post-Soviet space. It brings together participants from more than 30 countries

In order to ensure profound and comprehensive work on the most important sections of the agreement, plans are in place to set up three working groups: on trade in services, investments and intellectual property, e-commerce.

According to the Belarusian statistics, in 2020 China became the second largest trading partner of Belarus, with the mutual trade amounting to $4.6 billion, exceeding the 2019 figure by $0.8 million. The main growth drivers of Belarus' export to China were agricultural and timber products, the supplies of which doubled.

“The parties discussed trade and prospects for increasing sales of Belarusian goods in the Chinese market with the help of e-commerce instruments,” the embassy noted

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus