Belarus-China tighter cooperation prompted by geopolitical turbulence

11 September 2020

MINSK – Geopolitical turbulence encourages China and Belarus to establish tighter cooperation. Pang Dawei, Director of the Russian and Central Asia Studies Center of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, made the statement during a videoconference held to discuss Belarus-China relations in conditions of modern geopolitical turbulence, BelTA has learned.

Pang Dawei said: “Geopolitical turbulence encourages China and Belarus to establish tighter cooperation. In the course of implementing interaction between the two countries it is important to work out new mechanisms of regional economic cooperation for the sake of providing useful experience and one's own contribution to a better existing world economic system.”

In his words, economic globalization is not some model, but the state of the economy that arises from objective development trends, socialization of manufacturing, internationalization of economic relations. “Globalization is going through deeper transformation and is at a crossroads of its development. We've entered an age of the knowledge-based economy, which is the driving force of economic development and a globalization driver today. In this period economic globalization is becoming broader and deeper,” he noted. “Taking into account main trends and changing external circumstances, China recently put forward a new model of social and economic development where the internal cycle is prioritized. The internal cycle will complement the international one. It is not a closed model but an open one.”


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus