New company registered in China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone

04 January 2019

MINSK – A new company has been registered in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone, BelTA has learned.

OOO Wiseasy International Bel (China) is the new resident. It has been founded by Wiseasy Company, a leading vendor of business analysis hardware in China. Wiseasy products are exported to over 60 countries across the globe.

OOO Wiseasy International Bel specializes in making smart digital terminals based on the Android operating system. Such terminals can take payments made using cyphered magnetic stripe cards, chip-based bank cards, and other payment instruments, including Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which has been incorporated into a large number of smartphones. In the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone the company intends to set up a manufacturing facility, a research center, and a technical support center. Over $2 million will be invested in the project. The figure may be increased up to $5 million in the future.

Igor Leshchenok, Deputy Head of the China-Belarus Industrial Park Administration, said he hopes that the arrival of the Chinese company would spur the development of the mobile payment system in Belarus. Mobile payments are widely used in many countries these days.



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus