Belarusian Biotechnology Corporation starts building high-tech agricultural company

27 July 2018

MINSK – The construction of a full-cycle agricultural company has been launched by the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation in Pukhovichi District, Minsk Region, BelTA has learned.

The project is to be implemented in 2016-2032. A cornerstone laying ceremony took place on 27 July. A time capsule with a message to future generations was laid by Deputy Premier of Belarus Mikhail Rusy and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CITIC Limited Chang Zhenming.

“An exporting and import-substituting company will spring up here three years from now. It is designed to meet the needs of cattle breeding companies for essential amino acids and boost the country's export potential,” Mikhail Rusy said.

This project was initiated by the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation. The new complex will specialize in advanced grain processing using cutting-edge biotechnology. The company will produce highly efficient and well-balanced feed and feed additives rich in essential amino acids (lysine, tryptophan and threonine). The products will be sold on the domestic market and abroad.

The investments into the project are estimated at a total of $733 million, including CNY4.290 billion from the Export-Import Bank of China. Apart from that, the project will receive a commercial loan of $50 million (circulating assets) and $35 million in shareholders' capital.

The complex under construction includes enterprises to produce essential amino acids. They are designed to process 250,000 tonnes of grain (wheat/triticale) per year and to produce 64,700 tonnes of lysine, 5,900 tonnes of L-threonine, 1,300 tonnes of L- tryptophan, 23,000 tonnes of gluten, 99,000 tonnes of lysine-containing feed, 15,000 tonnes of ammonium sulfate crystals, and 10,000 tonnes of liquid ammonium sulfate. A grain cleaning and storage facility will be built; its capacity is estimated at 450,000 tonnes of grain. There are plans to produce over 500,000 tonnes of compound feed per year. A vehicle enterprise will be set up to provide transportation services and technical maintenance and repair of the vehicle pool of the new complex.

A CHP will also be built to fuel the technological process to manufacture lysine, tryptophan, threonine and compound feed. The CHP will use natural gas. A two-transformer substation will also be constructed.

The products are to be sold domestically and to be shipped to Russia, Ukraine, the EU member states and China.

This investment project is implemented in line with Decree No.300 as of 8 August 2016. The complex will cover an area of 160.05 hectares and will be located near the village of Uborki, Pukhovichi District.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus