Ambassador: Chinese investors eyeing Belarus’ Gomselmash, Atlant

27 February 2018

MINSK – Chinese companies feel enthusiastic about exploring privatization opportunities in Belarus, Belarusian Ambassador to China Kirill Rudy told RIA Novosti.

Chinese investors’ particular interest is Gomselmash (farming machinery manufacturer) and Atlant (producer of household appliances), the ambassador said.

In early 2017 Belarus’ government drew up a list of 22 Belarusian companies that could potentially sell a stake to Chinese investors. The document specified the requirements and conditions for Chinese investors to fulfill in order to enter into the shareholding structure of each particular Belarusian company enlisted. The list included large Belarusian industrial enterprises, including HORIZONT (radio-electronic appliances), BATE (automobile and tractor equipment) and Gomselmash. Minsk was ready to sell state-owned stakes of up to 50%, depending on the company.

“Chinese companies came up with well-defined proposals regarding the purchase of Gomselmash and Atlant,” said Rudy.

In his words, China’s investments in Belarus’ economy were scarce in 2017: $275.5 million (up 6% year on year), including direct investments - $113.6 million (up 13%).


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus