The National Centre for Marketing and Price Study develops cooperation with Chinese partners

06 August 2015

Agreements achieved between representatives of the NCMPS and Hongbo Group during the meeting will facilitate establishment of contacts between economic operators of the Republic of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China as well as enhancing bilateral cooperation in trade and investment. The meeting was held 5 August, 2015.

During the event parties introduced their opportunities and defined the format of the future mutual activities on promotion of Belarusian and Chinese production to the markets of both countries.  According to the words of the Head of Hongbo Group Ms. You Yuxian, Chinese businessmen are very interested in the development of mutually beneficial trade-and-economic relations with Belarusian enterprises and organizations.

Chinese guests evaluated the advanced information and communicative structure (including modern information technologies and own digital resources) of the National Centre for Marketing and Price Study as well as a service package in the sphere of foreign-economic activities which is provided by the enterprise to economic operators from various countries of the world. These are export information support portal, Belarusian state procurement official website, online trade platform for e-auctions and fee proposal requests (National Centre for Marketing and Price Study is its operator), and NCMPS certification authority

The Chinese cooperation is ready to assist Belarusian enterprises in product promotion to the Chinese market, including participation in procurements on PRC e-trade platforms.

Based on the results of the meeting the representatives of the NCMPS and the Chinese corporation showed mutual interest in the cooperation development.

The director of the National Centre for Marketing and Price Study Boris Smolkin noticed that it would facilitate successful export potential realization of Belarusian enterprises and organizations and strengthening of trade-and-economic cooperation between countries.

Source: National Centre for Marketing and Price Study.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus