Belarus plans to export beef and poultry to China

29 April 2015

MINSK (BelTA) – Belarus plans to export beef and poultry to China, First Deputy Agriculture and Food Minister of Belarus Leonid Marinich told reporters on 29 April, BelTA has learned.

Possible deliveries of beef and poultry, linen products were discussed with the authorities of Harbin. The Chinese side is interested in these products.

Leonid Marinich emphasized that the Agriculture and Food Ministry is doing its best to diversify sales markets. For example, Belarus has shipped the first batches of powdered milk to Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan. “The Russian market has dwindled, the prices for our products have fallen. In Q1 2014 we brought $765 million worth of products to Russia, in Q1 2015 Belarus' export made up $506 million. The export of dairy products to Russia made up $495 million (675,000 tonnes) in Q1 2014 and $346 million (704,000 tonnes) in Q1 2015. The volume of exported products went up 4%, but we have lost money due to the price decline,” Leonid Marinich said.

“In any case, Russia was and still is a priority market, but we need to enhance our presence on other markets. In 2015 Russia should account for 90% of Belarus' export, other counties – for 10%,” Leonid Marinich added.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus