Minsk Oblast’s exports to China up 11 times in Q1 2013

27 May 2013

MINSK (BelTA) – Minsk Oblast saw an 11-time increase (to $175 million) in its exports to China in January-March 2013, Minsk Oblast Governor Boris Batura said as he met with a delegation from Guangdong Province, the People’s Republic of China, on 27 May.

Boris Batura noted: “The agreement on friendly relations between Minsk Oblast and Guangdong Province, valid contracts with China give an opportunity to work seriously on enhancing the trade and economic cooperation, especially export-import operations. The result was not long in coming: in January-March Minsk Oblast increased its exports to China 11 times.”

Belarus’ main exports included mineral fertilizers, component parts and equipment for trucks and tractors. “Our supplies of rock haulers to Guangdong could be more intensive,” the Governor believes. The oblast imported aluminium and computers.

According to Boris Batura, the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee will give its utmost attention to the investment proposals of Guangdong Province. Any proposal will receive all possible support. “I am convinced that our cooperation has big prospects,” he added.

Deputy Secretary General of the Guangdong Provincial Government Jiang Haiyan expressed confidence that businessmen of the two regions would continue mutually beneficial cooperation. “We invite Minsk Oblast businessmen invest in the economy of the province and set up branches in the engineering industry. We are open for all-round cooperation, including in culture and tourism,” she said and invited representatives of Minsk Oblast to attend the international cultural and tourism festival that is due in Guangdong Province in November 2013.

In January-March 2013 Minsk Oblast trade with China totaled $265.3 million, up 3.4 times as compared with the same period a year ago. Imports made up $90.2 million.

Guangdong Province is located in the southern part of China and borders on Hong Kong and Macao. The population makes 105 million people. The administrative center is Guangzhou. Guangdong Province has been China’s leading region in terms of foreign trade for 24 years already. Guangdong Province is the most open region in China. Over 200 countries have established trade relations with the province. The province is home to over 3,000 foreign offices.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus