China invites Belarus to take part in high-tech projects

07 June 2011

MINSK (Prime-Tass) -- China invites Belarus to take part in high-tech projects, Yin Liming, President of China Great Wall Industry Corp, said during a meeting with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Tuesday.

“We hope to cooperate with Belarus in satellite communication, earth remote sensing, and other high-tech sectors in order to promote our bilateral cooperation,” Yin Liming said.

Lukashenko noted that Belarus was interested in cooperation with China, and the two sides had “multi-million [dollar] high-tech projects that we have agreed to work on together”.

“Nevertheless, we are ready to consider any proposals regarding your activity in Belarus and are ready to offer you a few projects we could implement together to the benefit of the two countries,” Lukashenko said.

China Great Wall Industry Corp is China’s largest state-owned company. It supplies and launches satellites and promotes international cooperation in the area of space technologies. The company also supplies new energy sources and materials, information and electronic products, oil and chemical equipment.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus