Belarus-China project on arranging study tour for 25 rectors of Chinese universities to Minsk in 2010

07 November 2009

Chinese International Conference on Professional Exchange this year took place in the city of Shenzhen on November, 7-8. Its visitors could study the results of the previous work and plans for 2010 regarding professional exchange between organizations and companies from over 15 countries – USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Israel, Luxemburg, Japan, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
This huge annual conference is organized by the State Administration for Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), which is an administrative department of the Government of China responsible for sending Chinese technical and managerial staff from state organizations and commercial companies to foreign training programs.
Belarus was represented by the head of the Belarusian National Technical University, head of the Belarus’ Rectors’ Council academician Boris Khroustalev and General Director of Technopark BNTU “Metolit” Yuri Alekseev.
The Conference’s official catalogue included the article of the First Deputy Minister of Education of Belarus Alexander Zhuk “The role of human potential in sustainable development of countries in globalization period”, where the author pointed out world’s transformational processes, common trends of national economies of various nations when uniting into a global system, the processes of establishing intellectual capital as the priority direction of material and financial investments. The article also presented Belarus’ National Strategy of Sustainable Development, main sources and priorities of the development of the nation during globalization.
It was not the first meeting of the partners. This September SAFEA had an official visit to Belarus, which included meetings at Technopark BNTU “Metolit” and Belarusian Ministry of Education.
Then the parties signed the Agreement on Cooperation in the sphere of education and science, which provides for mutual exchange of specialists aimed at raising their professional level.
The study tour of the 25 leaders of the Chinese educational institutions will become the first project under the Agreement. During their visit to Belarus they intend to study Belarusian system of higher education, peculiarities of the universities’ management and activities.
    Special point in the visit’s program is presenting scientific and research opportunities and achievements, perspectives in innovative and highly qualified training, development of the system of internationalizing the education.
    During the visit Chinese delegation will attend not only Belarusian Universities, but also leading enterprises in agriculture and heavy industries.
    The visit will be organized by Technopark BNTU “Metolit” and SAFEA.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus