Belarusian-Chinese relations moved to the new level of integrated development and strategic partnership

23 October 2007

Belarusian-Chinese relations moved to the new level of integrated development and strategic partnership. Trade-economy relations present the basis of contacts between the two countries. The information was presented to the Sinhua information agency by Anatoliy Tozik, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus in the People’s Republic of China.   


At the Belarusian Embassy in China the BelTA correspondent was told that the diplomatic official pointed out the fact that the commercial exchange between the two countries in 2006 increased by 30% in comparison with the preceding year and reached $1 billion. Moreover, all the conditions serving the development of the bilateral investment collaboration are getting more and more favorable. “The enactments of the 17th Session of the Chinese Communist Party are to cause a significant positive effect concerning the building of the specific Chinese socialism and the whole complex of the Belarusian-Chinese relations”, said the diplomatic official.

A. Tozik considers the enactments of the 17th Session of the Chinese Communist Party to be an important stage in the establishment of medium-prosperous community, promote the country in the direction of reformation and openness, make a significant contribution to the scientific conception of the Chinese community development which is being worked out on the initiative of Hu Jintao, President of the People’s Republic of China.

The Belarusian Ambassador pointed out that the Session attracted not only the Chinese, but the whole world. Today China is the 1st in the world ranking in gold-and-currency reserves, 4th – in cumulative economic power, 3rd – in foreign trade volumes. That is why its voice is attentively listened to by the capitals of the world leading countries. Aleksandr Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus, in his felicitation to Hu Jintao in the honor of the 17th Session of the CCP expressed his confidence that the Chinese people leaded by the CCP is to achieve a great success in the establishment of harmonic socialist community and the enactments of the Session will lead to a step-by-step development of China, increase in its world status.

A. Tozik mentioned the words told by Hu Jintao during the Session about the necessity to increase the GDP per capita by 400% by 2020 in comparison with 2000.It is not an easy issue, but dynamic and constant tendencies in the Chinese economy development and high moral spirit of the Chinese community give the confidence of its positive realization. Hu Jintao’s report for first time ever in the history of Party Sessions included the term “economic culture”. This outlines the importance and necessity to follow the way of economic physical resources expenditure and the resource-saving technologies. Hu Jintao’s speech for the first time first contained the issues of rapid qualitative development. This is the evidence of the intention of the CCP to correct the existing structural misbalance in the economy and abandon the extensive methods of the state economy growth.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus