Belarus leader to meet China Minister of Defence

13 September 2006

Alexander Lukashenko, the President of the Republic of Belarus, met with Cao Gangchuan, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, state councilor, Minister of national defense. The Republic of Belarus and the PRC take similar positions on main international issues, render mutual support in the UN and other international organizations.

Mutual high-level visits contributed to the stirring up of Belarus-China relations. Alexander Lukashenko made an official visit to China in 1995, 1997, 2001, and 2005. The cooperation between Belarus and China is based on well-developed legal contractual basis. About 70 contracts and agreements have been signed.

The PRC is one of Belarus primary trade partners. Last year China ranked 5th by the turnover volume and export of our country among the states outside the CIS, and ranked 4th by import. Greeting the distinguished guest, Alexander Lukashenko highly esteemed the cooperation with China, in military technical sphere in particular.

The head of the state especially noted that over 220 agreements and contracts in military technical field had been sighed by the countries and 190 ones had been put into practice. “ These are impressing figures and promising prospects”, Alexander Lukashenko stated.

Speaking about the level of bilateral cooperation the President noted that it was of strategic nature.

During the meeting Belarusian leader also attached great importance to the same positions held by the countries on the international scene. “We have absolutely coordinated identical foreign policy and employ the same criteria when assessing international events”, the President noted.

Belarus appreciates China’s position in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). “We take into account this organization and are interested in closer cooperation with it”, Belarusian leader stated.

At the meeting the President spoke in favor of tight cooperation between SCO and SCTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) and expressed an idea that it would be a new subject of international relations.

The President expressed appreciation for the level of cooperation reached. “We take pride in the links we’ve established with China, this superpower, we support it and are gratified by their success”, Alexander Lukashenko emphasized.

The President value China as a great friend and added that it would serve as enormous support for Belarus in future.

China’s Minister of Defense also estimated highly the importance of friendly relations between the two countries. “You enjoy renown in China and among the military in particular”, Cao Gangchuan remarked during the meeting with Belarusian leader.

He informed that his visit became possible due to the invitation of Belarus Minister of Defense and was aimed at the discussion of issues connected with further relations development between Belarus and China armed forces.

Ministers of Defense of China and Belarus summed up the results of previous cooperation and shaped a plan of further interaction in military technical sphere. “We have discussed all the issues in details and agreed on a number of issues”, Cao Gangchuan noted.

Alexander Lukashenko presented Cao Gangchuan with the Order of Friendship of Peoples in recognition of great personal contribution to the friendly relations development and strengthening between Belarus and China.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus