Gao Lihun, First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Belarus, and Sun Xiang Feng, Second Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Russian Federation to visit UE”Technical park BSTU “Metolit” on May 10, 2006

10 May 2006

The meeting is aimed at studying the activity of UE”Technical park BSTU “Metolit” and Belarusian and Chinese centre for research cooperation with provinces of People's Republic of China. In the course of negotiations the Parties provided information on represented organizations, discussed priority areas for cooperation, and specified the most effective ways of cooperative activity.  

Mister Sun Xiang Feng is a representative of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. The representatives of this organization are willing to establish a SAFEA representative office in the Republic of Belarus. Discussion on establishing cooperation between SAFEA and Belarusian and Chinese cooperation centre for research was one of the main issues of the meeting.

 The Parties agreed on further information and suggestions exchange on establishing cooperation according to the SAFEA’s areas of activities (see SAFEA information below).      

The Chinese Party showed a keen interest in scientific know-how and manufacturing activity of UE”Technical park BSTU “Metolit”. UE”T echnical park BSTU “Metolit” provides not only a wide range of services and consultations but also produces high technology products. Finished goods were of special interest to the guests:

  • medical devices for traumatology and orthopedics;
  • intravascular acousto-induced thrombolysis;
  • implants of interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal articulations of fingers
  • finishing treatment methods of materials and etc.

State   Administration   of   Foreign   Experts   Affairs ( SAFEA )

As the administrative department of the Chinese government in charge of the national introduction of foreign intellectual resources, the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) is responsible for the administration concerning experts from abroad, and from the Hong Kong SAR, the Macao SAR, and Taiwan region, in the fields of economy, technology, management, education, science, culture, healthcare, including experts working in foreign invested ventures, those working under import contracts and key construction projects. It is also in charge of sending Chinese technical and managerial professionals from government departments and enterprises for overseas training.

Authorized by the State Council, SAFEA's main functions include:

·              Designing the development strategy of foreign intellectual resources introduction,

·              studying and formulating relevant policies,,

·              formulating rules and regulations,

·              approving plans of ministries and local governments for inviting foreign experts and overseas training programmes; and supervising their implementation;

·              ormulating, improving and supervising standards and the administration concerning foreign experts working in China, and overseas training of Chinese professionals.

·              Compiling and supervising plans for the special fund for foreign intellectual resources introduction, and raising fund through non-government channels.

·              Supervising, coordinating and executing state key plans to invite foreign experts and iden ti fy ing expert qualifications and status, and issuing professional visa authorizations.

·              Organizing and implementing key overseas training programmes, approving state financed training projects, and verifying other overseas training programmes; supervising overseas trainees, checking violations of relevant regulations and taking disciplinary actions.

·              Establishing international liaison and cooperation ties with foreign governments and other institutions for intellectual resources introduction and personnel exchange, and signing relevant agreements.

·              Identifying and registering intermediary institutions engaged in expert invitation and overseas training programmes. Supervising and coordinating talent import projects by central and local departments; providing policy service and business advice, helping handle major incidents, mediation and arbitration concerning foreign employment contracts, and protecting the legal rights of parties of the agreements.

·              Establishing foreign intellectual resources introduction service system, developing the international personnel market, organizing and coordinating personnel exchanges across the Taiwan Straits, setting up information network for talent import, and perfecting the national databank.

·              Establishing the systems to appraise and popularize advanced techniques resulted from talent introduction, issuing Friendship Award to foreign experts who made outstanding contributions, and publicizing and exchanging related work and experience.

SAFEA ' s   structural   subsites:

1. General Administration office

2. Dept. of Regulations and Liaison

3. Dept. of Economic and Technological Experts

4. Dept. of Culture and Educational

5. Dept. of Overseas Training

Подчиненные дочерние организации АРИС:

1. Caiep

2. Citef

3. Training Center

4. Service Center

5. Chinajob

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus