June, 5 2006 saw negotiations of China and Belarus business circles within the framework of Changchun days (June, 4-7) in Minsk

05 June 2006

The Chinese party was represented by 8 industrial enterprises showing great interest in exporting their goods to Belarus and search for new business partners for creation of joint ventures.

1. Changchun Chanlin Group Co., Ltd. – bicycles manufacturing; interested in marketing development, bicycles and garden equipment joint manufacturing;

2. Changchun Chanlin-Tianhe Group Co., Ltd. - bicycles and trailers manufacturing; interested in marketing development, search for business partners for bicycles joint manufacturing;

3. Changchun Xuyang Industry Co., Ltd. – manufacturing of spare parts for vehicles and electric motors, uniforms; interested in marketing development, joint manufacturing;

4. Changchun “Wanghuang” assembly company – cars, vehicles and tractors assembling; interested in cooperation; - medical products manufacturing; interested in production distribution, joint manufacturing;

5. Jilin medical products company “Bianlu”

6. Jilin medical products company “Tianzheng” - medical products manufacturing; interested in production distribution, joint manufacturing;

7. Changchun “Keing” laser technology company – use of laser technology in medicine; interested in cooperation;

8. Jilin Russian Language Institute – Russian and Chinese languages study, education for Chinese and foreign students; interested in cooperation with Belarusian educational institutions in the sphere of students exchange.

The representatives of Belarusian scientific, innovative and industrial organizations operating in the spheres of China partners’ interest took part in the negotiations.

The Innovation Republican Unitary Enterprise "Scientific-technological Park BNTU "Metolit" specialists represented by Y.G.Alexeev, managing director, M.V.Tsives, manager, and Wang Shuyan, consultant of Belarusian Centre for Scientific Cooperation with Henan and Jiling Provinces, participated in the meeting with Chinese partners.

An agreement on cooperation in the sphere of innovative products production was reached with Li Chanhua, managing director of Changchun Science & Technology Industrial Park.

During the negotiations with Ju Jiangsheng, Changchun “Keing” laser technology company director, the ophthalmology laser surgery microscope produced by “Laser Technologies”, Scientific-Technological Park BNTU subsidiary was presented.

The negotiations resulted in an agreement on marketing study in Belarus and China as well as on works aimed at joint production of ophthalmology laser surgery microscopes.

In the framework of negotiations with Jilin Russian Language Institute the issues of the Chinese language teaching in Belarus were discussed. Moreover the negotiations led to the agreement on cooperation in the sphere of specialists and students exchange of Jilin Russian Language Institute and Belarusian Universities.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus