A. Tozik gives credentials to the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China.

28 June 2006

On June 28 A. Tozik, Ambassador of Belarus to China, handed credentials to the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao.

In his opening word the Chairman of China emphasized that the appointment of A. Tozik, who had headed the State Control Committee and had worked as a co-chairman of Belarusian-Chinese Committee on Trade and Economic Cooperation, on the post of Ambassador is a sufficient practical step that Belarus took to develop partnership with China. He mentioned good dynamics in the development of bilateral cooperation within last 14 years. This was proven by the results of Belarusian President’s visit to China which took place in December 2005 and by Joint Declaration, which raises bilateral relations to a new level of “all-round development and strategic cooperation”. The Leader of the People’s Republic of China appreciated the fact the A. Lukashenko, according to his repeated announcements, considers China to be a strategic partner of Belarus.

The Ambassador greeted the Chairman of China and Chinese people on the part of the President A. Lukashenko and confirmed his invitation to visit Belarus.

A. Tozik appreciated the attention that is given by the leader of China to the development of the relations with Belarus and the support in international organizations that Belarus gets from China. The Leader of China expressed his readiness to expand cooperation with Belarus in the areas of trade and economy, culture and education and in military-technical area. He emphasized that China is ready to give further support to Belarus in maintaining its independent foreign and domestic policy, its course on the development of national economy, and on strengthening of security and sovereignty in the country.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus