Free material aid extension of People’s Republic of China

20 July 2006

According to the information of Committee on Chernobyl disaster aftermath problems under the Council of ministers of  Republic of Belarus on the 17 of July in Minsk Republic of Belarus and People’s Republic of China will record in writing delivery procedure of the free material aid to the tune of 20 million yuan.

Minister of Emergencies of the Republic of Belarus Enver Bariev and the ambassador of People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Belarus Y. Hunbin will sign letters of exchange, which determine free material aid extension. The aid is granted in accordance with Belarus-Chinese agreements, which have been signed in 2004 and 2005.

Free aid includes medical equipment and computers for areas that mutilated in Chernobyl disaster.

According to the agreement that have been reached in December 2005, China will grant 30 million yuan to Belarus for socially-important construction.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus