Business-conference in Beijing

18 December 2006

Belarus Embassy in China initiated December, 18 Belarus-China Business Conference devoted to the implementation of dual use developments in the national economy. Belarus was mainly represented by the specialists and workings of the State Military-Industrial Committee (SMIC), China – by China Aerospace Science and Technology (CAST) and China Great Wall Industry Corporation.

The Belarusian delegation headed by A.Yatskevich, head of the Department of Military-Technical Cooperation of the SMIC, participated in the Business Conference. The delegation members presented Belarusian developments that had been translated into Chinese beforehand and sent to the Chinese experts.

Over 40 Chinese members of the Business Conference headed by Zhang Guojing, head of CAST Planning and Development Department, and Zhao Xiaoding, China Great Wall Industry Corporation vice-president, took part in the discussion of the presentation held by the Belarusian specialists.

The Business Conference results set a number of research and development works that are to be developed further in order the Chinese party could implement them and provide financing.  

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus