On November 16, A.Tozik, Belarusian Ambassador to China, signed a cooperation agreement in the sphere of Chinese language teaching between The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the Stationery Office for International Chinese Language Extension.

Festive activities dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Belarusian and Chinese joint venture “Sanjiang-Volat Co. Ltd.” were held in Xiaogan and Wuhan cities (China, Hubei Province) on November,7-8.

Film “Anastasia Slutskaya” became an award winner of the XV International Film Festival “Golden rooster and 100 flowers” held in Chinese city Hangzhou. “The famous Belarusian historical film won the Best Foreign Film Prize” reported Yuri Elhov, the film director.

The interviewee reported that the film “Anastasia Slutskaya” got the invitation to take part in the Festival from Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Belarus. It was the first national film to participate in the Festival.

November 1 saw the negotiations between A.Ivankov, Minister of Commerce of the Republic of Belarus, being in China for a working visit, and Zhou Yupeng, Vice-Mayor of Shanghai.  The Parties marked the enhancement of bilateral political, trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation.

On November 1, a National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus was opened on International Industrial Exhibition in Shanghai. About two thousand companies including 330 from 21 states participated in the exhibition which is numbered among 10 the largest ones in China.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus