The delegation of Chinese XY Group Corporation headed by Vice-President Xue Hai Lun visited Closed Joint Stock Company “ Pinskdrev”, as the enterprise’s representatives reported.

Belarus Embassy in China initiated December, 18 Belarus-China Business Conference devoted to the implementation of dual use developments in the national economy. Belarus was mainly represented by the specialists and workings of the State Military-Industrial Committee (SMIC), China – by China Aerospace Science and Technology (CAST) and China Great Wall Industry Corporation.

On November, 28 A.Tozik, the Ambassador of Belarus to China, participated in the meeting of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao with the ambassadors accredited in the PRC in 2006.

The meeting with Zhang Ing, counselor for culture of Chinese Embassy in Belarus, in the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus was aimed at the discussion of the issues connected with the development of Belarus-China cooperation in the sphere of physical culture, sport and tourism.

Zhejiang Oceanographic University (China) representatives suggested the creation of a joint venture for the manufacturing of rust converter together with the Belarusian State University as Tatsiana Dik, head of the BSU Research & Development Department, reported to a BelTA correspondent.

Belarusian State University and Zhejiang Oceanographic University are to set up a joint venture for production of “ Penopurm” sorbent in China. The material designed for absorption of oil spills, worked out at the Scientific Research Institute of Applied Physical Problems of the BSU named by A.N.Sevchenko.

“At the moment the Parties are considering the most advantageous and beneficial ways of cooperation” the Head of the Research & Development Department of the University reported to the BelTA correspondent. BSU was offered to create a joint venture at the Shanghai International Industry Fair 2006, held at the beginning of November.

The modified foamed polyurethane-based material “Penopurm” is manufactured from two liquid components, after blending of which during 3-15 seconds light porous substance is formed that has the ability to absorb and hold back spilled oil and hydrocarbonaceous mixtures. The “Penopurm” has an unlimited storing period. It is nontoxic and doesn’t decay or can be damaged. The disposal of waste sorbent is environmentally–friendly as it is burnt at high temperatures. The developed technology presupposes production of sorbent on various carriers, produced in the form of granules, dense disks, disks of ceramic-metal membranes, fibres and etc. This allows removing oil spills from any surfaces: water, ground, concrete or metals.

The material can be produced at the portable module industrial complex developed by the scientists. It is an autonomous mobile plant with autonomous service system, containing 8 modules. Besides the industrial module, there is a cloakroom, commissary, temporary sorbent wastes collection and storage module and removed petroleum transportation module.  

The Chinese scientists have been showing constant interest to “ Penopurm”. Earlier  PhD M.A Ksenofontov, Head of Laboratory of the Research Institute for Problems of Applied Physics and Mathematics, engaged in the project, signed a contract for the material production with Mr. Shao Gotzun, Director-General, board member of the Chinese-Russian Centre for Technology and Science Application in Dalian city, Liaoning province.

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