On June 28 A. Tozik, Ambassador of Belarus to China, handed credentials to the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China Hu Jintao.

On the 23th of June the ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in the People’s Republic of China A. Tozik has conducted negotiations with the Executive Secretary of The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Secretariat Chjan Daguan.

The Belarusian party intends to sell the collection of semiprecious stones  consisting of 38 cut topazes of various sizes and value that belong to Stock savings bank “Belarusbank”. The collection’s assessed value accounts for 105 834 USD according to Russian State Repository for Precious Metals experts.

Contact person in Belarus Embassy in China – N.F.Never, Second Secretary

tel: 010-6532-6505

fax: 010-6532-6417

e-mail: nnevar@hotmail.com.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Republic of Belarus and the People’s Republic of China have accumulated great experience in political, economic and cultural sphere for 15-year period of diplomatic relations establishment.

The intentions of both the countries to strengthen strategic partership were confirmed during the official visit of President Alexander Lukashenko to Beijing last December.

On the 6th of May the President of the Republic of Belarus has signed Decree № 375 “On disbursement of free aid, extended by People’s Republic of China”.

The Chinese party was represented by 8 industrial enterprises showing great interest in exporting their goods to Belarus and search for new business partners for creation of joint ventures.

During the period from the 31st of May to the 1st of June, Belarusian ambassador in China A. Tozik had meetings with the executive group of Chinese aero technologic export-import corporation KATIK and ZTI company.

During negotiations with the president of KATIK Fu Shula with the participation of general director of “Belaz” P.Mariev, were discussed questions of further export accretion of heavy-duty dump trucks in China, also with the capacity of 220 tons. Was reached an agreement to extend KATIK’s participation  in equipment delivery for Belarusian light industry enterprises with association of Chinese credit resources, and to work out the project of assembly of cars and minibuses in Belarus.

Questions on cooperation in telecommunication sphere were considered during the meeting with the vice-president of ZTI Fen Zinfen. Chinese part expressed readiness for practical elaboration of question on project of creation mobile phones assembly in Belarus. Also were discussed questions on possible participation of ZTI in other projects in telecommunication sphere.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

O rganizer s :

  • Belarusian the Centre for Industrial-technical Cooperation with provinces Henan and Jiling of the People's Republic of China.
  • UE”Technical park of Belarusian State Technical University “ Metolit”

Seminar was held under the auspices of:

  • ·        Embassy of the  People's Republic of China in the Republic of Belarus
  • ·        State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus
  • ·        Belarusian State Technical University

On the 24th of May has started the visit of the delegation of the people’s government of Syanzyan-Uygurskii autonomous area of People’s Republic of China. Foreign guests are going to get acquainted with economic and trade potential of Belarus with possibilities of  investment cooperation.

According to the information of Belarus-chinese commission on economic and trade cooperation, representatives of Syanzyan-Uygurskii autonomous area of People’s Republic of China are going to visit “Belresursy” Concern. Chinese guests will see the exposition of permanent exhibition of Belarusian manufacturers. The presentation of economic and trade potential and investment possibilities of Belarus will be held. 

During three days of work of the delegation visit to the MTP is scheduled. Guests will conduct negotiations with the front office of enterprise and visit exhibition of Belarusian agricultural and automotive engineering. They will meet with the administration of Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian railway and also with the representatives of Minsk Municipal Committee. In Minsk branch of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce Industry in scheduled the meeting of business circles of Belarus and Syanzyan-Uygurskii autonomous area of People’s Republic of China.

As part of business trip to Gomelskaya district a visit to “ Gomelselmash’ and “Gomelraton” is planned. Also meetings in Gomel Municipal Committee and in Gomel branch of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce Industry are scheduled. Guests will have an opportunity to take part in the 7th International Universal Trade Fair “Spring 2006 in Gomel”.

The visit of Chinese delegation will prolong till May 26, 2006.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The meeting is aimed at studying the activity of UE”Technical park BSTU “Metolit” and Belarusian and Chinese centre for research cooperation with provinces of People's Republic of China. In the course of negotiations the Parties provided information on represented organizations, discussed priority areas for cooperation, and specified the most effective ways of cooperative activity.  

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus