Exhibitions and Fairs

China Expo General Net http://www.2t2.net  

China Trade Fair Net http://chinafair.com.cn  

China Trade Fair Expo Net http://www.cce.net.cn  

China Meeting Net http://www.chinameeting.com  

World Fair Net http://www.dcoem.com  

China Export Commodities Trade Fair (Guangzhou Trade Fair) http://www.cantonfair.org.cn

China Beijing International Scientific and Technical Industry Expo http://www.hightechbj.com  

China International High-Tech Achievements Trade Fair http://www.chtf.com

Shanghai International Industrial Expo http://www.sif-expo.com  

China Kunming Export Commodities Trade Fair http://www.kunmingfair.com  

China East-China Import and Export Commodities Trade Fair http://www.east-china-fair.com

China Dalian Import and Export Commodities Trade Fair http://www.dalianfair.com  

Zhengzhou National Commodities Trade Fair http://www.zzfair.com  

China Daily-Use Commodities Trade Fair http://china-dnf.com  

China International Daily-Use Consumer Goods Expo http://www.cicgf.com  

China International Small and Medinm Enterprises Commodities Expo http://www.czcicf.org  

China International Agricultural Expo http://www.ciae.com.cn  

China International Electronic and Household Electrical Appliances Expo http://www.qingdaoexpo.org  

Beijing China International Household Electrical Appliances Expo http://www.cheaa-elec.com  

China International Telecom Equipment and Technology Expo http://www.expocommcn.com  

China International Electronic Products Expo http://liufang.gongkong.com  

Beijing International Auto Industry Expo http://www.autochina.com.cn  

International Industrial Automation and Control Technology Expo http://iac.gongkong.com  

China International Space and Aviation Expo http://www.airshow.com.cn  

China International Energy and Environmental Protection World Expo http://www.ciscexpo.orgcn.net  

China International Water Technology and Equipment Expo http://www.waterchina.net  

China Hotel Expo http://www.hotelchinaexpo.com  

International Franchise Symposium and Expo http://www.franchisechina.com

China International Biological Technology Expo http://chinabio.org  

China International Printing Equipment and Materials Expo http://print.ciec-exhibition.com.cn  

China International Packing Technology Expo http://cip.ciec-exhibition.com.cn  

Beijing International Broadcasting, Film and TV Equipment Expo http://www.birtv.com

Shanghai International Ad Technology and Equipment Expo http://www.apppexpo.com  

China International Foodstuff Industry Expo http://www.2t2.net/cfi  

Shanghai International Foodstuffs Expo http://chinafood2002.ifood1.com  

China Gardening Expo http://www.china-gardening.com  

China Textiles Expo http://www.ctcte.com  

China International Garment and Dress Adornment Expo http://www.chic.com.cnlchic  

Dalian International Garment Expo and China Garment Export Trade Fair http://www.e-clothing.com.cn/fznew 

China National Furniture Expo http://www.cnfa.com.cn  

China Watch and Jewelry Commodities Fair http://www.cbwchina.comlbusiness/exhib/jewel

China Plastics Expo http://www.21cp.net

China Dyes Fair http://www.cndyes.com  

China Internet Expo http://chinainet.chtf-expo.com

China International Education Expo http://www.chinaeducationexpo.com  

Beijing International Books Fair http://www.bibf.net  

China International Sports Goods Expo http://www.sportshow.com.cn

China Export Commodities Fair http://www.cecf.com.cn

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