Summary of participation of the Republic of Belarus in World Exposition “Expo 2010” Shanghai, PRC

as of November 1, 2010

During the period from May 1 to October 1, 2010, Shanghai was hosting the World Exposition Expo 2010. This is a large scale image event where each country was demonstrating its national character through achievements in different fields – national economy, history, culture, science, education and art.  

In its scale, Expo 2010 has become the largest exhibition event over the whole period of world exhibition holding: it hosted participants from 189 countries and 47 largest world organisations, according to organizers total number of visitors made up over 70 million people. 

Our country was first represented at the World Exposition having its own pavilion. Such a decision was made by the Head of State and the Government of the Republic of Belarus taking into account the special level of bilateral relations with China.

The main aim of the Belarus participation in the exhibition consisted in formation of a positive image of our state abroad; displaying the whole national image of the country to the rest of the world; representation of Belarus as modern dynamic state. Moreover, the Shanghai Expo is a particular reason to expand the Belarus-China cooperation in politics and culture.  

The Belarus organizers took maximum efforts to show Belarus – the country with a significant economic potential, rich cultural traditions, historic heritage and beautiful nature – as it really was to the entire world.

Belarus Pavilion
Belarusian designers and engineers developed and Chinese specialists implemented a successful interior and exterior pavilion appearance.  From outside, this is a bright Chagall style cityscape. The concept of the Belarus pavilion is based on traditional national values, the country’s spiritual life, its historic past interconnected with its present and future. 

The theme of the Belarusian exposition was defined as “The Treasure City”: treasure as the treasury of national and cultural values, art, scientific achievements. For its visitors, the national exposition was opening pages of Belarusian history and culture, getting them to know about the country’s geography and traditions.

Visitors’ attention was focused on such treasures of our country as clear water and air. For many centuries Belarusian towns were founded near crystal clear rivers, lakes and springs thanks to which our country is called “blue-eyed”. Forests, lakes and swamps serve as “lungs” of Europe.

A ring placement of the exposition ensured a high acceptance rate of the pavilion. Over 30 thousand of visitors were attending it per day. During the exhibition, the Belarus pavilion accepted over 5 million of visitors (the 5 millionth visitor was registered on 26.10.2010).
Reference: according to the administration of the National exposition, the number of visitors from the Russian Federation made up over 9 million people, Ukraine – 4.5 million, Kazakhstan – nearly 4 million.

According to the Complex Working Plan of the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus at the World Expo 2010 (approved by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Mr. Victor Burya on 03.06.2010 No.31/510-70), the pavilion was attended by delegations of business communities from all the oblasts of the Republic of Belarus, the city of Minsk, the State Committee on Science and Technology, etc.

Moreover, the Belarus pavilion was visited by delegations of the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, the People’s Government of Heilongjiang, Fujian, Sichuan, Guangdong Provinces and the town of Hangzhou, other Chinese organisations and companies as well as delegations from pavilions of Russia, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine (headed by their administrators).

The “jubilee visitors”, heads of the delegations and other officials left their notes in the Distinguished Guest Book of the Belarus pavilion.

October 10, 2010 saw the Belarusian President, Mr. Alexander Lukashenko escorted by the Foreign Minister, Mr. Sergei Martynov, the Commissioner General of Belarus for Expo, Mr. Victor Burya, and the Deputy Commissioner General of Belarus for Expo / Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to China, Mr. Anatoly Tozik pay a visit to the Belarus pavilion.

On October 11, 2010, the celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Belarus at the World Expo 2010 held in Shanghai (PRC) with participation of the Belarusian delegation, headed by the Commissioner General of Belarus for Expo 2010 / the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Victor Burya.

The winner of World Tennis Cup, European championships, the European Champion League and the Euro Top 12, Vladimir Samsonov took part in the celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Belarus. The Belarusian athlete performed in master classes during which the best series of the tennis-player were being displayed on screens and visitors were given printed materials (posters, pictures, calendars, etc.).
Cultural Programme of the National Exposition
Due to the participation in Expo 2010, our country gained an opportunity to acquaint millions of Chinese citizens and foreign guests with rich Belarusian culture, music, folk and modern dance.

According to the programme developed by the Ministry of Culture together with oblast executive committees and the Minsk City Executive Committee, during the whole period of Expo 2010 there were organized 10-12 days performances of Belarus creative teams from all the Belarusian oblasts and the city of Minsk.

The first to perform at the Expo 2010 Belarusian Pavilion was an amateur creative team of the Republic of Belarus, a dance ensemble “Radasts”, Brest (21 persons, April 30 – May 11).

The cultural programme was continued by a vocal and choreographic ensemble “Toloka” of the Vitebsk Oblast Philharmonic (18 persons, 28 May – 4 July), then went an ensemble “Liritsa” of the Gomel Oblast Philharmonic (3 persons) and a merit amateur creative team of the Republic of Belarus vocal and choreographic ensemble “Gomiy” (14 persons, June 21 – July 4).

During the period of July 18-29, the pavilion saw the performance of an ensemble “Belye Rosy” of the Grodno Oblast Philharmonic.  

From August 13-24, the representatives of the Minsk Oblast partook in the cultural programme: those were a merit amateur creative team of the Republic of Belarus ensemble of early Belarusian music of the Dzerzhinsk Gymnasium (8 persons) and a merited amateur creative team of the Republic of Belarus a folk ensemble “Krupitskiya muzyki” of the Krupki Cultural Centre named after Vladimir Grom (10 persons).

From September 10-24, the Mogilev Oblast was represented by a merit amateur creative team of the Republic of Belarus ensemble “Medunitsa” (13 persons).

From October 9-13, the cultural programme of artists from the Belarusian capital was represented by an ensemble “Ternitsa” (17 persons), and the celebration of the National Day of the Republic of Belarus saw the state merit choreographic ensemble “Khoroshki” (55 persons), soloists and creative teams of the National Centre of Musical Art named after V. Mulyavin (24 persons), the Belarusian State Ensemble “Pesniary”.

It is worth mentioning, that all the performances of the creative teams were a great success.

Stamp “World Expo 2010” in Shanghai
Yet before the opening of the exhibition, the Ministry of Communication and RUP “Belpochta” (Belarusian Post Office) issued in circulation a stamp World Expo 2010” in Shanghai. The Stamp Cancellation Ceremony was held on May 1, 2010 in the course of the official opening of the exhibition and captured special attention on the Chinese part since the stamp confined to the exhibition opening was issued by China and Belarus only.

Memorable Silver Coin EXPO 2010
With a view to draw additional attention to our country, the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus issued a memorable silver coin Expo 2010 in circulation of 5.000 coins.
Reference information:  coin obverse image – a geometrical composition based on the national conventional flower design which is a symbol of the city, municipal infrastructure, its growth and unity in harmony with nature and environment.
The coin reverse composition reflects the history of World Expositions development. It depicts the “time spiral” with two symbolic buildings on its turns – the Crystal Palace and the Eiffel Tower – the most significant and conventional ones out of all created over the entire history of World Expositions, as well as the silhouette of the city of Shanghai. The time spiral symbolizes the passage of time and is a basis of the space composition.

The above coins were available at the Belarusian pavilion gift shop and also were used as souvenirs presented to distinguished guests.
Belarusian Pavilion Gift Shop

As it was mentioned above, the Belarusian pavilion had a gift shop which was selling the best souvenirs of the local manufacturers. UP Belyuvelirtorg supplied 6 product consignments.

The products of the Grodno Glassworks “Neman”, crystal souvenirs manufactured at Borisov Crystal Factory, products of Dobrush Chinaware Factory, ceramics of OAO “Belkhudozhkeramika”, souvenirs of the Brest Factory “Slavianka”, watches of “Luch” Minsk Watch Plant and other souvenirs were in the greatest demand.

It is worth mentioning that trade in souvenirs at the Belarusian pavilion was used as an additional instrument of our country’s positive image formation.

Participation Outcomes 
Final outcomes of our participation will be summed up later (in December 2010 the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will prepare and submit for the steering committee approval the report of the national exposition activity results), however, as yearly as today we can surely state that the main target of our participation in the World Expo 2010 Shanghai has been hit – Belarus has been decently presented at Expo 2010.

The Belarusian pavilion is one of the most visited within the exhibition and the National exposition evoked sincere liking to the country and its people.

Due to the participation in Expo 2010, our country became recognizable far beyond Europe likewise its history, cultural traditions and achievements of its science and industry.  


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus