Regional and twin-town relations

Minsk City Executive Committee

For the purpose of regional Belarus-China cooperation development the Protocol of Intent was signed between Minsk and Beijing on August, 31 1997; during the visit of the delegation of Beijing Popular Government to Minsk the Agreement on Cooperation in Trade and Economic, Scientific and Technical and Humanitarian Field was concluded between Minsk City Executive Committee and the Popular Government of Beijing (July, 31 2002).
At present the twinning relations are established between the cities of Minsk and Changchun (Jilin province) (the Agreement on Twinning Relations dated May 18, 1992).
In June, 4-7 Minsk saw the official visit of Changchun delegation headed by Zhu Yejing, Mayor of Changchun City (the twin city of Minsk), and businessmen delegations of Changchun city and Jilin province, clerisy, journalists in the framework of "The Changchun days in Minsk ". The visit was aimed at the strengthening and development of prospects for Belarusian-Chinese cooperation. To study prospects of bilateral ties and mutually beneficial cooperation development in different spheres the Chinese party visited a range of city infrastructure facilities, studied manufacturing process and products of RUE "Minsk automobile plant", management of TMUE "Komarovsky market", visited FEZ "Minsk" and its resident enterprises, RSC "Raubichi" and RUE " Republican Skiing Centre "Silichi" etc. In the framework of Changchun days in the city hall Minsk and Changchun mayors signed the Program of actions aimed at development of cooperation and bilateral relations between the two twin cities.
Business circle representatives of the two twin cities participated in the business forum where the presentation of economic potential and investment opportunities of the two cities, the talks on establishing direct links and cooperation development of Minsk and Changchun enterprises were held, and a number of agreements were signed.
Moreover the presentation of Changchun's masters of folk-crafts activity was organized where Minsk students and citizens took part as well.
At the meeting of the Belarusian Society for Friendship and Cultural Ties teaching material in the Chinese language was handed over to Minsk schools.
In the sphere of trade and economic cooperation foreign trade turnover of Minsk with the PRC made about USD 345 mln within 11 months of 2006. Minsk City maintains foreign trade relations with over 100 countries. The People’s Republic of China ranks seven in terms of foreign trade turnover. Minsk mainly exports to China semi-conductor devices, electronic, integrated circuits, stone processing machinery, recorded media for sound, tractors,oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, iron goods, liquid-crystalline devices, and lasers; however computers, apparatus for telecommunications, television and radio, washing machines, footwear, television equipment, rolling bearings, toys etc. are mainly imported.

According to the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus, the 2009 external trade turnover with China made 633.9 mln. USD which shows a 71.5 percent growth as compared to the year 2008. Exports made 18.5 mln. USD, imports – 615.4 mln. USD. Export grew 129.5 percent comparing to the year 2008, imports climbed 70.6 percent. The balance of trade showed a 596.9 mln. USD deficit.

In March, 2010 delegations of business community of the PRC paid a visit to Minsk. Among them were such companies as “Beijing Uni-construction Group” Co. Ltd., “Alcatel” and “ZTE”. In the course of the visit meetings with the delegations of Chinese companies and interested establishments were held at the Minsk City Executive Committee (Mingorispolkom). As a result, a number of documents on cooperation in the field of construction industry and information technology were signed. An Agreement on Strategic Cooperation with a List of Investment Project to Fulfill was signed between “Beijing Uni-construction Group” Co. Ltd.  and Mingorispolkom. A Protocol of Approval of an Agreement to Create an Intellectual Transportation System was signed between “Alcatel” and Mingorispolkom.
In the field of education the cooperation agreements between higher educational institutions of both the countries are implemented and a regular student and lecturer exchange is carried out. The most popular higher educational institutions among Chinese students are Belarusian State University, Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarusian National Technical University and Belarusian State Academy of Music.
In 2006-2007 academic year the learning of the Chinese language was started by schoolchildren of Minsk high schools No. 12, 23 and secondary school No. 10.
Minsk City Executive Committee tends to expand regional contacts in the field of tourism. One of the steps taken in this direction is the cooperation agreement in this field signed in December 2005 in Beijing. China introduced Belarus in its Tourist Register, and it means that all traveling agencies of the People’s Republic of China will recommend citizens of China to visit Belarus. Minsk City Executive Committee prepared a video clip in the Chinese language aimed at promotion of Minsk City at tourist exhibitions.
According to the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus, commodity turnover of enterprises subordinate to neither department as well as municipal enterprises located in Minsk made USD 754.5 million over January-September 2010 which indicated a 157.2 percent growth as against the similar period of the previous year. Exports made USD 3.2 million, imports – USD 751.3 million. External trade balance showed a deficit in the amount of USD 748.1 million. Exports more than doubled. The growth pace made 157.1 percent.

The Mingorispolkom (Minsk City Executive Committee) takes measures to implement mutually agreed projects with Chinese companies’ participation. The   cost of the projects will make USD 269.8 million.

Thus, under the project “Creation of Intellectual Transportation Safety System of the city of Minsk with the Integration of Motor Roads M-2 “Minsk – National Airport Minsk” and M-9 “Minsk City Ring Road” into it”, the Customer – GU “Capital City Transport and Communication” – concluded the general contractor contract with a Chinese ALCATEL-LUCENT SHANGHAI BELL COMPANY, Ltd on March 24, 2010.

The work to implement the project “Construction of an Industrial House Building Plant having Capacity of 200 thous.sq.m.” and the project “Reconstruction of prospect Dzerzhinskogo (Dzerzhinskogo Avenue) from ul. Gurskogo (Gurskogo street) to ul. Golubeva (Golubeva street) with a Traffic Intersection at Crossroad with ul. Alibegova (Alibegova street)” proceeds in association with a Chinese Beijing Uni-Construction Group Co. Ltd.

We also report that during the visit of the Minsk Instrument-Making Plant OJSC administration (project “Technical Retooling and Reconstruction of Minsk Instrument-Making Plant OJSC with a view to manufacture export-oriented household appliances”) to the PRC which took place on September 30, 2010 negotiations with two companies – Beijing New Vision Industrial and Trade Co. and G.Uncommon (Tianjin) Bionic Automobile Loch Tech. Co. Ltd – were held.

Additional information on cooperation between Minsk City and Chinese provinces can be obtained on the official site of Minsk City Executive Committee

Minsk Regional Executive Committee

The People’s Republic of China has traditionally been included in the top ten trading partners of Minsk Oblast (also called Minsk region). In 2011 China accounted for 6 percent of Minsk Oblast’s total foreign trade.

Trade between Minsk Oblast and China

USD million

2012, January-May
Commodity circulation

A list of items the Minsk Oblast exports to China numbers over 50 commodity headings. Potassium fertilizers and cargo trucks are in greatest demand in the Chinese market. A significant share of exports belongs to the equipment for vehicles and tractors. Electric motors and flax fibre are in high demand in the market as well. January-May 2012 saw exports to China amounted to USD 116.2 million, representing an increase of 60.3 percent over the same period in 2011.

The major imported products during the period of January to May 2012 were aluminum plates, sheets and strips, as well as automatic data processing machines, parts and equipment for vehicles and tractors.

During January-May 2012, the trade in services with China totaled USD 16.1 million. Gains in services exports were USD 11.6 million, while imports amounted to USD 4.5 million. The Minsk Oblast’s trade balance showed a surplus at amount of USD 7.1 million.

As of 1 July 2012, there are nine companies with Chinese investments in Minsk Oblast, including three joint and six foreign companies.

The industrial parks are being built on the territory of Minsk Oblast. Under the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 253 “Concerning the Belarus-China Industrial Park” of 5 June 2012, JSC “Horizont holding management company” and JSC “Chinese engineering corporation (CAMC)” are involved in the project to set up the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park in Smolevichi District. The park’s development priorities will focus on fine chemicals, biomedicine and electronics industry.

International agreements on cooperation and twin-town relations play a crucial role in the development of mutual partnerships. For example, on 26 February 2002 the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and Chongqing People’s Hall signed the agreement on trade, economic, scientific, technical, and cultural cooperation.

Special attention in the Minsk Oblast is paid to the development of cultural and educational ties with China.

The Chinese language is being studied at state-owned educational establishments such as “Dzerzhinsk Gymnasium” and “Minsk State Regional Lyceum”. In 2011-2012, 40 students of the above educational establishments were studying Chinese at facultative courses and study groups.

15-19 July 2012, Liaoning Provincial delegation from the People’s Republic of China led by Chairman of Liaoning Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference Yue Fuhong visited Minsk Oblast.

In the course of the visit, the agreements on signing the Agreement between Minsk Oblast and Liaoning Province, that will allow to establish business contacts in trade, economic and cultural fields between these regions, have been reached.

On July 25-27, 2012 the delegation of Shandong Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) led by Vice Chairman Wang Xinlu is expected to visit Minsk Oblast. The principal purpose of the visit is to discuss areas of possible cooperation with the Minsk Oblast Council of Deputies, Minsk oblast Executive Committee and other organizations for promoting the expansion of bilateral ties in the humanitarian field.

During the official visit of the President of China Xi Jinping to the Republic of Belarus, the Agreement on establishment of friendly relations between Minsk Oblast of the Republic of Belarus and Zhejiang province of the People’s Republic of China was signed in the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee in May 10, 2015. In addition, the draft Protocol on cooperation between the Economy Committee of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and Zhejiang International Investment Promotion Centre was prepared and sent to the Chinese side for a more detailed development.

During the period from 17 to 21 June 2015, the Minsk Oblast was visited by the delegation of representatives of the Harbin Gongda Group Co., Ltd. of Heilongjiang Longdan Dairy Group, led by the Corporation President Zhang Donghai.

As a result of this visit and visits to a number of agricultural enterprises of meat and dairy industry of Minsk Oblast, the draft Protocol on cooperation between the Economy Committee of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and the Harbin Gongda Group Co., Ltd. of Heilongjiang Longdan Dairy Group was prepared (also sent to the Chinese side).

On August 19, 2015, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Oleg Plavsky took part in the meeting of the Working Group on Interregional Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation of the Belarusian-Chinese Intergovernmental Committee on Cooperation (Beijing, China) and made a presentation on the topic: "The mutually beneficial partnership: from idea to results" (it marked key moments of cooperation between Minsk region and Zhejiang and Guangdong provinces).

During the said event, the Chinese side organized meetings of members of Belarusian delegation with the regional representatives of Chinese provinces and cities, where the questions on implementation of joint environmental projects (waste, secondary raw materials and material resourcesrecycling), projects in the field of renewable energy, proposed by the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, were also discussedamong the promising areas of bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the People's Republic of China.

Within the framework of regional cooperation and in accordance with the signed agreements on the establishment of friendly relations, the following projects are planned in Minsk region towards the joint implementation with the province of Zhejiang:
- import of Belarusian dairy production by Wahaha Group and theproject on dairy plant construction;
- project on creation of inter-regional trade and economic center;
- project on organization of logistic sub-park within the framework of Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park “Great Stone” (jointly with Yiwu city).


Grodno Regional Executive Committee


Trade-economic relationships of the Grodno region and the People’s Republic of China are one of the priority trends in foreign economic activity of the Grodno region.

Over a period of January-February 2008 the volume of foreign trade made up US$23.7 million and increased by 5%, including export - US$21.1 million (growth rate up to 92.9%), import – US $6.2 million (went up 2 times against the same period last year). Black ink made US$15 million.

The regions of Belarus supply China with export production: caprolactam, polyamide plastics, initiators of reaction, flax fibre.

The People’s Republic of China mainly imports raw products, materials and component parts of ready-made production in demand: synthetical complex threads, organic and non-organic compounds, textiles made of synthetical threads, tobacco stuff, spares to motor vehicles, fittings for pipes and tubes, furniture accessories, fabrics made of synthetical fibers, toys.

On January 24th, 2007 a delegation of the province Gansu paid a visit to the Grodno region. The representatives of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Council, the regional committee of facilitating for foreign trade and business circles of the province Gansu formed part of the delegation.

During the meeting between the administration of the Grodno region and Free Economic Zone “Grodnoinvest” and the delegation of the province Gansu were discussed potential tendencies of mutual cooperation with Chinese companies, including purchase of equipment, development of credit-investment mutual collaboration within the frames of common projects realization, participation of  the Grodno region business circles in Lanzhou Trade-Investment Exchange. Presentation materials and proposals on cooperation (translated into Chinese) were handed the Chinese side by the Grodno region enterprises.

In the period 25-29 March, 2007 representatives of FEZ “Grodnoinvest” visited the National Exhibition of the PRC in Moscow. During the visit representatives of Chinese companies and delegation of FEZ “Grodnoinvest” discussed issues and problems on realization of common projects.

On March 22nd, 2007 in “The Grodno State University named after Y.Kupala” took place the solemn opening of the China Cultural Centre with the participation of the Second Secretary for Education of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Belarus Bay Wan Li.

The Centre is supplied with cutting-edge equipment and modern literature, part of which was presented as gifts to the Republic of Belarus from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and the department of eastern philology of Belarusian State University – information publications and books in Chinese including CDs, collected works on different questions, fiction. The Centre’s activity is contributed to implementation of common cultural and educational projects.

At the Centre one may get acquainted with the information on Chinese culture, history, economics, education in order to further use of these materials for closer cooperation with educational institutions, enterprises and different organizations of China.

The Centre’s activity is carried out in various trends:

- educative
a) Chinese language courses for teachers, students and for all comers;
b) The teaching of Chinese as a second foreign language for students “Linguistic Support of Cross-Cultural Communication” specialization;

- informational (lyceum on history, culture and economics of China).

July 3-10, 2007 the delegation of the Grodno region led by deputy of the Grodno Province Executive Committee A.G.Rusanov paid a visit to the province Gansu of the PRC.

During the visit Agreement on establishment of twin town relations between the province Gansu and the Grodno region was signed, meetings and agreements with Chinese companies on trade-economical collaboration development on a mutually advantageous basis were held, tied-up business bonds, and the film about the Grodno region was presented to the Chinese delegation shot in Chinese.

Negotiations between representatives of the Grodno region and business communities of Chinese companies (China People’s corporation on foreign economic-technological collaboration in light industry CLETC, pharmaceutical plant "The Lanzhou Medicine") were carried on.

Meetings and negotiations were held with the General Secretary of Regional Office of the Committee for International Trade Mr. Yang Guo Tsai, with the Deputy General Manager of the Trade department of the province Gansu Mr. Lu Zhehua, and also with the General Secretary of Employer’s Association of the province Gansu Mr. Ma Yu Zhang.

During the latest meeting the Chinese party expressed an interest in establishment of joint or foreign enterprises in the Grodno region. The Belarusian party expressed a counteroffer on establishment of joint enterprises as follows:

- brick plant construction;

- paper bags manufacture;

- fish processing machinery;

- dry potato manufacture, vegetables and fruits drying;

- wood processing;

The signing of the above agreement is a successful beginning of the trade-economic and cultural mutual relations between the Grodno region and the province Gansu PRC.

For more information about relationships between the Grodno region and the PRC visit


Mogilev Regional Executive Committee

Mogilev Oblast Executive Committee has established cooperation with Chinese provinces Henan (a Cooperation Agreement was signed on November 2007). Under the above documents trade and economic, cultural cooperation and exchange of visits is carried out.

A delegation from the Mogilev Oblast led by the Deputy Head of the City Executive Committee Mr. Victor V. Nekrashevich paid a visit to the People’s Republic of China from 13th to 17th of September of the current year.   The delegation comprised of representatives from the administration of FEZ “Mogilev”, UP “Mogilev Branch of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, Mogotex, JSC, Vesnyanka CJSC, ChTPUP “SV Klass”. In the course of  the visit business meeting were held: September 13 – at a representation office of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry located in the People’s Republic of China and the Consulate General of the Republic of Belarus in Shanghai;

During the visit to the city of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, the following business meetings were held:
- with the Vice Governor of the province Zhang Weiguo (subjects discussed – development of regions, further cooperation strategic trends);
- at the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) (the presentation of production and export capabilities of the Mogilev Oblast including FEZ “Mogilev” was made, an agreement for a group of Chinese businessmen interested in cooperation with FEZ “Mogilev” to pay a visit to the Mogilev Oblast was reached);
- with Chinese companies: JSTEX, HIGH HOPE, TEXLAND to discuss the supply of feed stocks for the manufacture of new production line at Mogotex, OJSC.

The delegation partook in the International Business Week 2010 opening ceremony held in Nanjing.

On September 16, the delegation of the Oblast visited the National exposition of the Republic of Belarus at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai (during that period the exposition was holding the Days of the Mogilev Oblast) and the Jiangsu province exposition.

A merit amateur creative team of the Republic of Belarus ensemble “Medunitsa” (13 persons) of the Mogilev Oblast Philharmonic Hall was participating in cultural events held within the frameworks of the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus at World Expo 2010 from September 10-24.

The stage of the Belarus Pavilion saw the team perform 27 concerts (two concerts per day).

Medunitsa participated in: The Days of Mogilev Oblast opening ceremony held at the exposition (on September 10); in the event “4 millionth visitor of the exposition of the Republic of Belarus”, performed a concert in the province of Huond Rau.  

The Mogilev City Executive Committee established cooperation with the city of Zhengzhou (a Protocol of Intent for cooperation was signed). In November 2009, upon the invitation of the Zhengzhou City Mayor Zhao Jiancai, representatives of the city of Mogilev partook in the Forum “Cultural Heritage and Modern Urban Development” held in China. In the course of the visit to China of the Zhengzhou City Administration, the proposition to sign a twinning arrangement was made. The Chinese party approved the proposition and expressed its readiness to send the city delegation to sign the document in Mogilev in 2010. However, the visit has not taken place up to now.  

The Belarusian State Agricultural Academy on a regular basis operates an information Centre of the development of cooperation with the Henan Agricultural University. There are 18 Chinese students studying at the academy. The Belarus-Russia University has 8 students from China studying on its faculty of economics.     

With a view to get familiar with the culture and traditions of China, the Mogilev Gymnasium (upper secondary school) No.3 holds facultative classes “Learn to speak Chinese.”

In January-October 2010, the Mogilev Oblast manufacturers exported their products to the People’s Republic of China to the amount of USD 3.8 million or 130.2 percent as against January-October of 2009; products imported from China totaled USD 32.7 million (138.7 percent), the trade deficit made USD 28.9 million.

Products exported to China:
- products of FEZ “Mogilev” entities – OAO “Mogilevkhimvolokno” - polyethylene terephthalate (USD 2272.3 thousand, growth 103.2 percent);
- products of OAO “Belshina” – tyres (USD 1285.4 thousand, 193.7 percent)
- furniture – USD 60.8 thousand, 95.5 percent;
- other products: wood articles to the amount of USD 60.6 thousand, household appliances – USD 37.2 thousand, raw flax – USD 3.5 thousand – the products were not delivered to China in January-October 2009.

Raw materials for the Oblast chemical enterprises hold nearly 30 percent in the pattern of imports from China, 10 percent accounts for electric motors, 8 percent for fabrics, 7 percent for footwear parts, 4 percent for insecticides and herbicides.   


Brest City Council

In 1994 the Brest City Council and the People’s Government of Hubay Province of the People's Republic of China signed an agreement on the establishment of friendly ties. Within the framework of this agreement, delegations of Hubay Province more than once visited Brest Region and got acquainted with its cities, industry and agriculture. A sister city agreement between the cities of Chibi and Baranovichi was signed and an agreement on further development of friendly cooperation between the cities of Chibi and Baranovichi was concluded.

Meetings of young Chinese and Belarusian businessmen were organized in Brest. Chinese students took courses at the Technical University. Chinese experience was successfully used during the foundation of the free economic zone “Brest”.

From 1998 till 2000 Chinese specialists in the field of alternative medicine worked in Baranovichi. Two medical workers were sent to the city of Chibi to work in the field of ophthalmology.

Under the auspices of the all foreign citizens entering Embassy of the People's Republic of China to Belarus, 11 art exhibitions were organized in the cities of Baranovichi, Brest, Pinsk, Pruzhany, Drogichin and others. In 2000 Chinese opera gave a performance in Brest.

In accordance with the plan of events promoting Belarus-China trade and economic cooperation in 2003-2004, the delegation of Brest Region consisting of the Brest City Council Chairman and General Director of the Unitary Enterprise “Brest Brach of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” visited Hubay Province. As a result of the negotiations a cooperation agreement between the Unitary Enterprize “Brest Brach of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry” and the International Trade Promotion Committee of Hubay Province was signed.

In 2004 the delegation of Hubay Province of the People's Republic of China visited Brest Region. During the visit the free economic zone “Brest” and the Municipal management committee of Kunmin Region of new processes and governmental level technologies commercialization signed a cooperation intentions protocol.

From 17 to 18 of May of the present year, at the invitation of the chairperson of the regional executive committee Mr. Sumara К.А. a delegation from Hubei province of the Chinese People's Republic headed by its permanent vice-governor Zhou Jianwei visited Brest region. During the visit the meetings with the management of SEZ “Brest” were held and a range of enterprises of Brest were visited. Simultaneously the Chinese party was proposed some actual lines of cooperation with the interested economic entities of the region.

Gomel Region Executive Committee
The Economic Committee of Gomel Regional Executive Committee reports that, in 1997 there was signed the Agreement on twinning relations between Huai'an (PRC) and Gomel (the Republic of Belarus).

In 2007, there was signed the Agreement on cooperation between Administrative  Committee of the zone of economic development of Huai'an and the Administration of FEZ “Gomel-Raton”, and the Protocol of intentions for cooperation between Gomel Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and the Huai'an Branch of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.  

The Huai'an Branch of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce received the data on Gomel and the Gomel District in Chinese, in English, in German, and in Russian. The Chinese business circles are invited to participate in the International Universal Exhibition “Spring 2008 in Gomel”.

Export-import operations with the Chinese partners are conducted by RAUP “Gomel`skoe PO “Kristall”, Belcaps IPUP, JSC “Gomelsteklo”. RUP “Gomel plant of agricultural machinery “Gomselmash” continues working with dealer centers in China: “Voer” Industury And Trade Co.,Ltd. (in Harbin), Yuncheng Yili Trade Co., Ltd., Beijing import/export limited company of  state-owned farms.

 In 2008, it will be 30 years of the reforms in China and Huai'an municipal programme on exchange with foreign countries. Nowadays, China holds festive events dedicated to the anniversary. These events also include publishing of the book about sister-towns and their friendly reciprocations. The information material to decorate the stand telling about Gomel has been sent to Huai'an.

 The representatives of the sister-towns are invited to take part in official events dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Huai'an in September 2008.

The scientific interuniversity cooperation made its step forward. Within the frameworks of the agreements concluded the cooperation is observed among the Belarusian State University of Transport and National Tribology Laboratory of the Jinhua University, Nanking University of Science and Technology, Central South University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Within the framework of the agreement on modern joint training of specialists on faculties “Russian Philology ", “Mathematics”, and “Applied Mathematics” between Gomel State University of F. Skorina and Xuzhou Pedagogic University there was opened a Branch of Gomel State University of F. Skorina at Xuzhou Pedagogic University.

49 Chinese students began learning the Russian language in September 2007. The Gomel tutors are planned to be sent to Xuzhou Pedagogic University to work with students learning Russian in second semester of 2007-2008.    

Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee

Trade turnover with the People's Republic of China compared to 2006 increased more than 2.5 times, as merchandise export increased 3 times. Vitebsk Oblast’s trade turnover with China in 2011 amounted to $176 million and compared to 2010 increased by 118 percent, including export value of $36.6 million and import value of $139.4 million.

The dynamics of trade between Vitebsk Oblast and the People's Republic of China in 2008-2011

USD  million


2011 compared to 2010, %

Commodity circulation

China is in the list of top ten trade partners of Vitebsk Oblast.

The main exports in recent years are acrylic fiber and tow, and since 2011 it is lubricating materials and solvents. China exports fiberglass, optical and measuring instruments, casein, alcoholic beverages, flax and yarn. In recent years Chinese importers are significantly interested in exporting baby canned meat, dry milk, cream and whey.

In their turn, footwear, apparel and pharmaceutical companies of Vitebsk Oblast are buying Chinese raw materials, certain types of equipment for the manufacturing of finished products.

The main import products from China are kinescopes, footwear tops made of leather, fur lining, certain types of food products, drugs, intermediates and insecticides.

Interregional cooperation.

Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee established and maintained contacts with Shandong (2004) and Heilongjiang (2005) Provinces.

Bilateral Memorandums on Cooperation between the cities of Jinan and Vitebsk, Novopolotsk and Weihai, Harbin and Vitebsk are signed.

Vitebsk Oblast’s enterprises, the administration of FEZ "Vitebsk" and educational institutions organize annual exchange of visits.

Throughout nine years Vitebsk State University maintains contact with the Province of Central Mongolia. Undergraduate and graduate students come to study here (up to 100 students).

Representatives of FEZ "Vitebsk" have repeatedly visited Harbin exhibition.

In May 2010, the delegation of the Vitebsk Oblast visited the cities of Shanghai, Jinan and the World Expo 2010.

The delegations from Harbin and Heilongjiang Provinces have visited Vitebsk three times. They became acquainted with the residents of FEZ "Vitebsk", visited Polotsk Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve, Polotsk Dairy Plant, Glubokoye Tinned Milk Factory and Orsha Linen Mill.

In 2012, mutual co-operation with the province of Heilongjiang was activated. The delegation of the Vitebsk City Executive Committee visited Harbin on January 4-7 this year and held negotiations with the Mayor of Harbin and business representatives about the development of trade, economic and investment relations.

Also negotiations with the leadership of Harbin Development Zone on the establishment of production facilities in Vitebsk by Chinese investment were conducted. The model of creating the most favorable conditions in Harbin Development Zone was studied. And cooperation agreements between cities and organizations were signed.

In June 2012, an official delegation of Vitebsk Oblast visited the 23rd Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair. Within the National Exposition of the Republic of Belarus the work of the stand of Vitebsk Oblast, involving such companies as: Polotsk Dairy Plant, Glubokoye Tinned Milk Factory, “Vityas”, Tolochin Cannery, was organized.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus